Qibao gallery, hope to create a warm place to accommodate your favorite treasure.

It focuses on ceramics, jewelry, metalwork, woodwork, glass, fabric, painting and has collected handmade products from Asia, Europe, Africa and other countries

Qibao's All team members have strong love from their rivals, and they are deep attachment to life craftsmanship.Hope to pass on warm texture and natural vitality through regular planning exhibitions and other forms.To promote the beauty of implements will spread the multi handmade culture in China, which is full of regional and national spirit.

Qibao was founded in Beijing, the capital of China is a world famous ancient capital and modern international city. The shop is located in a quiet and flourishing street in the downtown area. 

Qibao advocates the combination of quiet and smart. It hopes that when the writers hold exhibitions, they can stimulate the artistic mind and burst out new inspiration, which can become a secluded place and inspiration place for the tedious life! At the same time, I hope you can truly feel the original of the utensils, experience the temperature of the handmade, listen to the voice of the author, and expect you to have a good encounter with the handmade in Qibao.




“Show the best of works”
“Keep quiet in noisy”
“Firm but warm”
“Classic and Time change”
“Pure and nature”